A real action plan to stop Labor`s `school halls` waste

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A Coalition Government will allow government schools in Higgins to self-manage their `school hall` funding grants as well as being able to keep the savings made to invest in other priorities, Federal Member for Higgins, Kelly O`Dwyer MP, said today.

¨The Labor Government continues to waste billions in the so-called Building the Education Revolution program and it is a national disgrace,¨ Ms O`Dwyer said.

¨The scale of the Rudd/Gillard Government waste on this program is worse than a scandal. It is a crime against the taxpayer.

¨Schools are best placed to manage these projects in a way that achieves real value for money.¨
A Coalition Government will:

  • Redirect unspent BER `school halls` funds away from state education departments and instead give these funds directly to each school;

  • Give schools the freedom to decide, in consultation with their local communities, what infrastructure they need and what will help them enhance the education of students;

  • Allow each school to self manage projects in order to deliver better value for money;

  • Let schools keep the money they save for investment in other worthy projects or for more comprehensive infrastructure; and

  • Launch a full judicial inquiry into the program with the power to subpoena documents and summons witnesses including the program`s creators.

Under the Coalition`s Real Action Plan to Stop Labor`s School Halls Waste, principals will decide upon the priorities for each school, not the state bureaucracy.

¨Once the planned construction is complete, schools will retain any remaining money for other education or infrastructure initiatives,¨ Ms O`Dwyer said.

¨We believe many government schools will be able to save around a third of their total funding through the efficient self-management of projects, hiring local contractors, shopping around, and controlling the budget.

¨The savings could amount to thousands of extra dollars schools will be able to invest in the fit-out of classrooms, additional computers, PE equipment or anything else on the priority list,¨ she said.