Arts grant to strengthen cultural ties

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A South Yarra children’s theatre company will strengthen cultural ties with our Asian neighbours with the help of an Australian Government grant.

“This project is important for our region and will support Polyglot Theatre’s 2018 international program of touring and intercultural exchange, including a three-city tour in China, tours in the USA and collaborations in Indonesia and Japan. Polyglot’s intercultural collaborations offer Australian children and families a unique lens on our international neighbours,” Ms O’Dwyer said.

“I am thrilled that Polyglot Theatre has received support through the Catalyst—Australian Arts and Culture Fund. Polyglot’s international program helps to pave the way for stronger understanding and appreciation between our cultures.”

Minister Fifield said the Catalyst fund will provide $2.15 million across Australia over three years for 15 arts projects that encourage partnerships across the arts sector and enhance community involvement.

There is a mix of single and multi-year projects across the three Catalyst funding streams: Innovation and Participation, International and Cultural Diplomacy and Partnerships and Collaboration.

These grants will be managed by the Australia Council in line with the recent Government announcement that the majority of funds from the Catalyst program will be transferred to the Council. See the announcement at:

The Department of Communications and the Arts and the Australia Council will work together on the management of the grants to ensure a smooth transition to the new arrangements.

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