Anzac Centenary

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The Centenary of Anzac 2014 – 2018 is a time of great national significance for Australia. As a community in Higgins we will be able to reflect upon the First World War and its impact, both on the lives of … Continued

The simplistic chant of fairness

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  In George Orwell’s seminal classic Animal Farm the popular chant “Four legs good, two legs bad” highlights the dangers of groupthink and how popular statements that go unchallenged can become the new orthodoxy. Today’s chant is all about “fairness”. … Continued

Statement in support of Israel

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  Kelly O’Dwyer MP, Federal Member for Higgins has sent her support to the Zionist Council of Victoria ahead of their Solidarity Rally this Sunday in Melbourne. “I know that many residents of the Higgins Electorate are understandably very concerned … Continued