For Students and Teachers

One of the best parts about my job is visiting schools in my electorate and answering some great questions from the students. I am often asked to speak to schools as part of a study unit on how the Australian Parliament operates. I have compiled some resources that might be helpful for both students and teachers.

Find out about Parliament House school tours here:

How to make sure your school is flying our national flag:

I have also initiated the Higgins Medal which recognises and celebrates the leadership potential of the next generation. For more information please click here.

Helpful Higgins facts

Did you know…

  • Five people have held the seat of Higgins – including two Prime Ministers and one Treasurer. The electorate of Higgins is 39 sq km.
  • Around 90,000 people live in the electorate of Higgins.
  • Higgins has four police stations, 43 schools, 23 train stations and 14 hospitals.

Helpful websites for school projects:

Parliamentary Education Office
Australian Government homepage
Australian Parliament House
Australia’s Prime Ministers
Australia’s Coat of Arms
Australian Electoral Commission
The Australian Constitution
National Museum of Australia
National Archives of Australia
National Library of Australia
Australian War Memorial

Q & A with Kelly

Here are answers to the questions I am commonly asked when I visit schools in the Higgins electorate.

My favourite colour is:


I barrack for:

North Melbourne

My favourite food is:


My pets are:

Two goldfish named Fish and Chips

In my spare time I like to:

Run around the Tan, read in front of the fire, and talk!

When I was young I wanted to be:

An actress

My favourite subjects at school were:

Literature and history

My favourite comedy is:


What do I do when I am in Canberra?

As one of 150 Members of the House of Representatives from all around Australia, I spend about 18 weeks a year in Canberra. When Parliament sits we debate with other Members of Parliament about legislation; question Ministers about the work that they are doing; give speeches and vote on new or amended legislation. Outside Parliament I attend lots of meetings and events with people who have particular issues they want to discuss or problems to be solved.

What do I do when I am in Higgins?

I am in my local community whenever I am not in Parliament House in Canberra. It is my job to talk to people who live in Higgins, understand what their views, ideas and problems are and try to help them if they need help.

Why did I want to go into Parliament?

I wanted to become a Member of Parliament because I believe that the best path to our collective prosperity involves giving individuals, families and businesses, the freedom, opportunity, and encouragement to build and secure their own futures. That is why I am a Member of Parliament. I want to create the best possible environment that allows people to pursue their aspirations, one that values family as the bedrock of our society – to be nurtured and protected.