The young people of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

That is why I have initiated the Higgins Medal. The Higgins Medal recognises and celebrates the leadership potential of the next generation.

A Higgins Medal will be awarded to one student at each participating school who:

  • demonstrates leadership amongst their peers;
  • exhibits in their behaviour a commitment to the ethos of the school;
  • demonstrates excellence in attitude and achievement;
  • is a strong and consistent participant in school and community activity; and
  • exhibits an awareness of others and their needs.

Each student who is awarded a Higgins Medal will receive an individual Higgins Medal and a larger, perpetual Honours Board displaying the engraved name of each year’s successful recipient, will be provided to each school for display in a prominent position.

I hope this new award will encourage students in the electorate of Higgins to study with excellence whilst actively supporting their school community. For further information, schools should contact my electorate office on 9822 4422.