Higgins Survey Results

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After distributing over 20,000 surveys, as well as taking submissions on my website, the initial results of the Higgins survey are in.

Approximately 10% of Higgins residents contacted responded, the remainder coming directly from my website survey.

Each resident was asked for their views on five key policy questions and then asked to rank their remaining top four issues in order of importance. A copy of the survey can be found below.


The results are as follows:

Ranking Issue Number of Respondents
1 Private Health Insurance Rebate – For 1841
2 Parental Choice in School Education – For 1570
3 Improving Local Road/Rail Infrastructure 1491
4 Carbon Tax – Against 1473
5 Government Debt, Waste and Mismanagement 1448
6 Reducing Cost of Living Pressures 1234
7 Mining Tax – For 1089
8 Same-Sex Marriage – For 1007
9 Same-Sex Marriage – Against 1001
10 Backing Small Business 908
11 Mining Tax – Against 901
12 Tackling Crime in Our Local Community 818
13 Investing in Mental Health Care 815
14 Creating Local Jobs 789
15 Securing Australia’s Borders 735

A total of 2,775 constituents completed the survey between 17 April 2012 and 02 July 2012.


Some interesting points:

  • of the top five issues, four of them are directly related to cost of living pressures.
  • those for and against same-sex marriage are split almost exactly 50-50.
  • improving investment in local road and rail infrastructure, specifically removal of level crossings, is a major issue for Higgins residents.


“Since becoming the local Federal Member for Higgins, I have made my responsibility to engage and listen to the local community. As such I have held 12 Higgins Forums and multiple Mobile Office meetings at various locations around the electorate.”


“I welcome the views of all Higgins residents and invite them to continue to participate in this process and complete my survey.”