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More Affordable and Flexible Child Care

As a Mum I know how critical childcare is for parents wanting, or needing, to return to work.

OLP-67Families are the backbone of our society, and the Turnbull Government understands that every day parents are making choices in the best interest of their family. That is why we are helping to tackle the cost of living and delivering greater child care flexibility and accessibility.

We have:

  • Scrapped the rebate capfor families earning up to around $186,000
  • Re-targeted subsidies to families earning the least and working the most
  • Helped put downward pressure on fee increases through our hourly fee cap

Our Child Care Package is giving around one million Australian families relief from out-of-pocket child care cost pressures and is providing more children with the opportunity to benefit from early education. For more information, you can click here.