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The Turnbull Government is delivering record and growing investment and real needs-based school funding. Our funding model is based on the principles of affordability, need, fairness, equity and transparency.

Under the new reforms, we are boosting our investment in schools by $1 billion every year for the next decade.

By 2027, all schools in their respective sectors will receive Commonwealth funding under the same methodology in an entirely needs-based consistent manner. For the first time, everybody is being treated the same under a consistent funding model.

We believe that every student deserves fair funding support, regardless of their background, or the choice of school their parents make.

Record levels of investment in schools must be tied to evidence-based reforms to reverse issues where Australia’s education performance is sliding.

That is why the Government is supporting all the recommendations of David Gonski’s recent review into the most effective teaching and learning strategies to reverse the declining results in Australian schools.

The Government is committed to ensuring the recommendations are translated into action, so that each child in Australian schools reaches their full potential. The report is available here.

By increasing investment and ensuring fairness in the way Australian schools are funded, we will get Australian students back to the top of the class.