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Busting Congestion

Congestion and crowded public transport are incredibly frustrating and are a drain on our economy. I am fighting for better road and rail across the electorate to reduce congestion.

The Melbourne Metro Tunnel is a once-in-a-generation project and must include South Yarra station. Under the Andrews Government’s plans, the new rail line will not stop at South Yarra Station despite passing just 80 metres from it. Sign my petition here to let Daniel Andrews know we need South Yarra Station connected now.

I am also fighting for the removal of level crossings across Higgins to ensure our roads are safer and less congested. I gave a speech in Parliament about this issue and called on Premier Daniel Andrews to direct the $70 million in interest, earned from the Commonwealth’s $1.5 billion prepayment for the East West Link, towards removing level crossings in Higgins. You can find it here.

I take these issues very seriously and I will continue to stand up for our local community.

The Turnbull Government is committed to supporting Melbourne and Victoria’s growth through continued significant investment in key road and rail infrastructure.

That is why in the 2018-19 Federal Budget, the biggest single increase in spending around the country will be in Victoria.

Our $7.8 billion Victorian infrastructure package includes:

  • $5 billion to build the Melbourne Airport Rail Link
  • $1.75 billion towards the North East Link
  • $475 million to link Monash University’s Caulfield and Clayton campuses
  • $225 million to electrify the Frankston line to Baxter
  • $140 million Victorian Congestion Package

You can read more about the Turnbull Government’s plan for building Australia’s infrastructure here.