Make Poverty History

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Higgins was the location of last nights Make Poverty History Forum, where Kelly was joined by Misha Coleman from Anglicord and Andrew Hewitt from Oxfam with advocates from Africa Florence Nderito and Val Browning.

Kelly also lent her support to Kevin Andrews by representing him at the Menzies event the previous week. At the Menzies event Kelly was joined by World Visions Martin Thomas to discuss ways in which we can increase living standards for the worlds most needy through a variety of methods, including foreign Aid.

Make Poverty History is a coalition of more than 70 aid and development organisations, community and faith-based groups. In Australia, we work in partnership with Micah Challenge and the Global Call For Action Against Poverty (GCAP) to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and halve global poverty by 2015.

Higgins Make Poverty History Forum

Menzies Make Poverty History Forum