Is Labor about to stand up to the CFMMEU?

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The Government welcomes the comments today of Labor Deputy Leader, Tanya Plibersek, and calls on the Labor Party to back the Government’s Ensuring Integrity Bill to protect Australian workers.

As Tanya Plibersek said today on ABC AM when asked about the CFMMEU:

Any organisation that has people who do the wrong thing, those individual people need to be sanctioned and if there is evidence of problems organisationally, then they should face the full force of the law.” Tanya Plibersek, ABC AM, 4 September 2018

The Ensuring Integrity Bill, currently before the Senate, will ensure that unions are run by ‘fit and proper’ people.

It will also ensure that wide spread lawlessness within a particular division or branch of a union can be dealt with.

“It is clear that the Ensuring Integrity Bill is critical to protecting Australian workers,” said Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP.

“Litanies of actions by CFMMEU officials in the construction industry over a long period of time have been found to be unlawful, with the CFMMEU receiving around $16 million in fines to date.”

“Mr Shorten and Labor can do the responsible thing now and protect workers and small businesses from workplace bullying and stand-over tactics, instead of continuing to protect union thugs and their criminal associates.”

Ms Plibersek said today that the CFMMEU and those that do the wrong thing “should face the full force of the law”, yet her leader wants to disband the very regulatory body that polices the crucial building and construction sector, the ABCC.

“The CFMMEU’s appalling record for intimidation and stand-over tactics demonstrates the need for reform and a strong, focussed regulator in the building and construction sector. Mr Shorten should listen to his deputy, show some leadership and cut financial and political ties with the CFMMEU,” Minister O’Dwyer concluded.